The former Governor of Karnataka K. Krishna, who was the foreign minister and Maharashtra, now known as the founder of Café Day Day Outlets, is from the family of coffee growers in Chikmangalur.

His family interest in coffee plantations in southern India is 130 years.

He was listed in the list of the richest 75 men in India in India’s Forbes Rich List in 2015.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Mysore University. He earned a master’s degree in economics from Mangalore University in Karnataka.

After completing his education, instead of joining the family business, he decided to strike alone.

According to reports, his father gave him five rupees lakh to experience his luck. He bought a land worth 3 rupees per lakh and kept it 2 rupees per lakh.

He came to Mumbai and began his career as a stock market management intern at JM Financial Services (now known as JM Morgan Stanley) during the reign of Mahendra Kampani.

Two years later, he returned to Bangalore and in 2000, Rupiah Lakh 2 Cadhare was supplied to Sivan Securities (later Way2wealth Securities) Ltd

His trading company Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company (ABC) started in 1993 with revenues of 60 million rupees. The company name was later changed to COFIDEEE Holding.

He was involved in the idea of ​​creating a coffee brand since when he started exporting coffee to avoid passing through a broker.

In a short period of two years, Coffee Day Holdings became the largest exporter until 1995.

This inspired Siddhartha to think about how to keep the group strong in the coffee industry, he said in an interview with Forbes magazine.

In 1994, he started with Coffee Day, selling fresh and ground coffee powder in 25 outlets in Bangalore and 20 outlets in Chennai.

When coffee culture began to rise worldwide, Sedharth was tempting to start a similar lifestyle in India. They walk under the Kwai Boat in Singapore and see a beer store offering internet access.

Although there are about 30 restaurants in this area, the biggest crowd is in the beer shop. There was an idea of ​​an Internet café in India. That’s how the coffee shop was born.

Coffee Day Enterprise’s consolidated revenue was 13 per cent up to Rs. 4,264 crore on an annualized basis.

EBITDA was 15 per cent year on year at Rs. 961 crore and the company reported net profit after tax of Rs. 128 crore According to the deposit on the stock exchanges.

Income tax problem

In January of this year, the Income Tax Department has attached part of the shares owned by VG Siddhartha and Coffee Day Enterprises Limited to MindTree at the company’s potential request.

Siddhartha started investing in MindTree since 1999

At the end of December of 2018, Siddharth had 54.69 Lakhe shares (3.3 percent of shares) in MindTree, while Coffee Day Enterprises Limited had more than 1.74 crore (10.63 percent). Another entity, Coffee Day Trading Limited, has 1.05 million shares (6.45 per cent holding).

MindTree promoters, including Subroto Bagchi, Krishnakumar Natarajan and NS Parthasarathy, own about 13 per cent of the company’s stake.

Siddhartha sells its stake to L & T

In 2018, Sidhartha assumed the position of independent director of MindTree. In his letter to MindTree, he said he wanted to be free from the position of director so he could spend more time on the coffee business, according to The Economic Times.

The sources said the sale of shares of Mentra, Siddhartha could be linked to Rs. 300 crore. It was said in the report that because of the increasing debt on its investment company Sivan Securities Pvt Ltd, it may be under pressure. Co., Ltd.

IT promoters have vowed to unconditionally contradict the hostile takeover attempt by Larsen and Tobru as a serious threat to the organization.

“The unprecedented hostile takeover by Larsen and Tobru in our industry, and our institution has brought us back, can reverse all progress,” the promoters said in a statement on Tuesday.

The attempted hostile takeover of the Mindtree attempt by Larsen and Tobero constituted a “serious danger” and within 20 years, the “destructive value” of the group-created organization, promising promoters to “unconditionally protest” the hostile takeover attempt.

Coffee Day Enterprises said that with some other parties, Coffee Day Trading and VG Siddhartha (the company’s promoter) signed a definitive agreement to sell their entire stake in MindTree Ltd. … no more than Rs 3,269 crores regulatory deposit.

Larsen and Tobero acquired the company’s control of 60.06 percent of the company’s total shares, which have been facing hostile efforts for months.

Mindtree has acquired L & T, India’s first anti-IT acquisition.


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