Cameron Armstrong, chief executive of the 25-year-old Kitty & Vibes swimwear company, said: “The company has emerged from its experience of standing in the measuring room, feeling insecure and over-excited.”

“Before the summer, I was shopping for a swimsuit, and I went to the store, maybe I had six different swimming suits of different sizes from each brand, and there was no continuity.”

I was on the bus in this room, how I felt very hurt, my body felt Silvovan was asking me to go out and do a fashion show, and I kept thinking, “This is a year worn by the weakest piece of clothing. I’m not comfortable, I’m not in a safe place.

“I started talking to friends and other women, and I asked them if they felt comfortable in swimming suits and consensus.”

He said yes to work unanimously. He began with two questions: Why swimsuit suits well and why the experience of buying it is very sad?

Kitty and Vibe were born during Armstrong’s focus groups in their New York apartment. She invites friends to lunch on Sunday and prepares a tape measure.

Many of the women who performed them were hip-sized, a basic measure of the work of traditional swimmers. However, the position of the woman – a measure of her belly button, through her feet, at the top of her back bone – can be quite different.

“I found that the size of INSOM was the biggest difference, it was originally croquet, or kitty,” says Armstrong. This is where the first part of the brand name comes from.

“Even when compared to my sister, we have the same waist size but three inches in length.” If we put one in the same bikini, she will sing my song because I have a lot of clothes in Insom.

He has very little clothes in the insom. Why have women been forced into small, medium or large buckets for a century? ”

I’ve always considered dance and music as a great expression of freedom ”

Vibe indicates printing on a bikini or one piece. Each package is given with a “card of intent”. The first instructions on the card are to open the QR code and scan it that takes you to a specific playlist.

“The second step,” Armstrong continues, “is to dance around your bedroom and turn a lot into a mirror, finally put it on your new box and cheer yourself up twice, getting ready to go out of his head and walking around in his body and bedroom in a safe place.

The suit is his friend instead of his enemy. If it is connected, it reduces the stress of such a friend, it actually changes, as people feel. ”

The size of Kitty and Vibe currently provides plus size options up to 2x. I asked Cameron to talk about his brand in the oversized market. He was tired after looking at the shape type options later on.

It begins with how fashion is made for a long time. First of all, change how things work in design and production. Fashion students still hope to visualize all the things they design with very serene women, he said.

“When I asked for suitable samples, I told my product that we needed an appropriate sample in each SKU, which was completely brain-related,” Cameron said.

“They had no more than one request for the brand. Samples were expensive and it would take a lot I wrote again and said, “No, I do not understand. How do I sell the product I use? Try an area just on a size model? There is no point. ”

Next, make sure that the models on the site reflect people wearing clothes. “For me it was always important on the Web site that once you click on the shape, a picture of a model for a woman of this size changes, and that was also a lack of thought.

If your size is larger than you see, the size model 00 has no idea what shape it looks like, Why does not everyone do that?

Finally, decided from the point of view of the consumer. Cameron shared that he had no background in the design and thought that this could give him a chance.

“I have taken all my decisions as a consumer, when I choose clothes, I close my eyes and ask myself what is nicer, I am not worried about cheaper or a luxury factory in Italy.” . Ask myself, what does the best rub against my dream? ”

When it comes to the Kitty and Vibe business model, Cameron runs Solo, but from May to January this year

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