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The Kitty model and Vibe is the future of Swimwear

The Kitty model and Vibe is the future of Swimwear

Cameron Armstrong, chief executive of the 25-year-old Kitty & Vibes swimwear company, said: “The company has emerged from its experience of standing in the measuring room, feeling insecure and over-excited.”

“Before the summer, I was shopping for a swimsuit, and I went to the store, maybe I had six different swimming suits of different sizes from each brand, and there was no continuity.”

I was on the bus in this room, how I felt very hurt, my body felt Silvovan was asking me to go out and do a fashion show, and I kept thinking, “This is a year worn by the weakest piece of clothing. I’m not comfortable, I’m not in a safe place.

“I started talking to friends and other women, and I asked them if they felt comfortable in swimming suits and consensus.”

He said yes to work unanimously. He began with two questions: Why swimsuit suits well and why the experience of buying it is very sad?

Kitty and Vibe were born during Armstrong’s focus groups in their New York apartment. She invites friends to lunch on Sunday and prepares a tape measure.

Many of the women who performed them were hip-sized, a basic measure of the work of traditional swimmers. However, the position of the woman – a measure of her belly button, through her feet, at the top of her back bone – can be quite different.

“I found that the size of INSOM was the biggest difference, it was originally croquet, or kitty,” says Armstrong. This is where the first part of the brand name comes from.

“Even when compared to my sister, we have the same waist size but three inches in length.” If we put one in the same bikini, she will sing my song because I have a lot of clothes in Insom.

He has very little clothes in the insom. Why have women been forced into small, medium or large buckets for a century? ”

I’ve always considered dance and music as a great expression of freedom ”

Vibe indicates printing on a bikini or one piece. Each package is given with a “card of intent”. The first instructions on the card are to open the QR code and scan it that takes you to a specific playlist.

“The second step,” Armstrong continues, “is to dance around your bedroom and turn a lot into a mirror, finally put it on your new box and cheer yourself up twice, getting ready to go out of his head and walking around in his body and bedroom in a safe place.

The suit is his friend instead of his enemy. If it is connected, it reduces the stress of such a friend, it actually changes, as people feel. ”

The size of Kitty and Vibe currently provides plus size options up to 2x. I asked Cameron to talk about his brand in the oversized market. He was tired after looking at the shape type options later on.

It begins with how fashion is made for a long time. First of all, change how things work in design and production. Fashion students still hope to visualize all the things they design with very serene women, he said.

“When I asked for suitable samples, I told my product that we needed an appropriate sample in each SKU, which was completely brain-related,” Cameron said.

“They had no more than one request for the brand. Samples were expensive and it would take a lot I wrote again and said, “No, I do not understand. How do I sell the product I use? Try an area just on a size model? There is no point. ”

Next, make sure that the models on the site reflect people wearing clothes. “For me it was always important on the Web site that once you click on the shape, a picture of a model for a woman of this size changes, and that was also a lack of thought.

If your size is larger than you see, the size model 00 has no idea what shape it looks like, Why does not everyone do that?

Finally, decided from the point of view of the consumer. Cameron shared that he had no background in the design and thought that this could give him a chance.

“I have taken all my decisions as a consumer, when I choose clothes, I close my eyes and ask myself what is nicer, I am not worried about cheaper or a luxury factory in Italy.” . Ask myself, what does the best rub against my dream? ”

When it comes to the Kitty and Vibe business model, Cameron runs Solo, but from May to January this year

Winning at home, spinning world Steve Oki, DJ music 30 million

Winning at home, spinning world Steve Oki, DJ music 30 million

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, at the top of the hill, defeats an elusive engine for a constant movement: not in the form of a mechanic, but in the person of Steve Aoki.

The 41-year-old DJ recently returned to his hideout in the high desert after a hustle in Houston, one of the more than 200 shows he has seen over the past year.

Aoki celebrates the house for a moment by diving into the dome filled with blue foam cubes in its cellar – but only one moment – before returning to your studio.

“As long as my trains continue and the speed increases, I’m in good shape,” says Aoki.

“Because I know that, I do not stop, and secondly I do it and I liked it, I’ll just rest,” Someone will jump on my train and start driving. ”

Thanks to its unmatched hunger for performance, along with its support from Samsung, Diesel and ANA-Aoki, No. 4 on the LG Forbes Annual List, have become $ 30 in the past 12 months in a million.

From a mere cash income: Aoki is included in the record mark Dim Mak; a collection of museum-level arts at your home, including works for Kaps and Bunky; investment in clothing (Vision Street Weir) and Export (Wicked); and stakes at Uber SpaceX companies.

When she started her career in the early stages, Aoki spent only 50 days at her home of 3,000 million square feet in Hollywood Hills this year.

So in late 2013, when he started a residency deal in Hackasson, Las Vegas, he turned to Sen City. Aoki bought his current 16,000 sq ft palace in a short sale of $ 2.8 million – although it would take more time to complete his dream home.

“It was not like a custom house, where I can only move and like,” Well, everything here, you do not have to worry about anything.

“He says one of the options I should give him is crazy, paid $ 5 million to restructure the property to its exact specifications , right Now? ” ”

Welcome to the Aoki Theater – Welcome to his brain.

Long before he became an electronic king of cash, Aoi spent summer when he was peeling a teenager at Bennihah in Dallas – his father founded Rocky Aoi restaurant chain in 1964.

Although Little Aoki soon realized that his passion was in music, Provided a basis for entrepreneurship.

“You can not go from zero to 100 because your father is the employer, you will destroy the whole business,” he says. “One important lesson for me is that you have to learn all the different aspects.

In 1996, when Anoki founded Dim Maak, he did exactly that, where he went himself to the home of Vinyl Bryce and spoke with distributors for book keeping and spending time with the artist in the studio.

He continued to promote acts such as Kisses and Block Party before releasing Debu Wonderland in 2012, just to capture Electronic Music Wave (EDM) for some time, as it was washed all over the US was there.

“Before that, people would go to these clubs,” said Aki. “A DJ was hiding in the back corner.” “But when I moved, I went to the club to watch the DJ … it was a remarkable change as much as the other artists were on the main stage.”

Steve Okey’s first task was not the relationship of “Dem Mac” or “Penhana”: At the age of 10, he sold hats in the South American consumer goods market over the weekend.

“I just work there a day,” he says. He said: “I would sell a lot. [Managers] It was like, here 20 rupees – get out of here.” ”

For his next gig, Aoki worked in the arcade for video games – a passion that is still slow so far.

Before graduating in 3D sports, a defender of street fighters, Aoki announced the founding partner of the ESP team in 2016 before selling part of its stake to the industry giant ReKTGlobal (neither Nokia nor Nokia will discuss the company figures).

His investment also proved to be an incredible trick code for the new games that attracted their attention. “I call the Rogue team here so they can defeat the tough leaders,” he says.

One of the worst business ventures, which Forbes estimates, in the past seven years, Aoki has imposed $ 155 million on her musical works.

He also has a detailed set of start-ups and additional resources put into his clothing brand, which shares the name of his own sign.

Dim Mac was launched in 2014 at the Los Angeles Skater Punk, which is in the equivalent of high-end costumes, which has the touch of Kung Fu: its name is Bruce Lee’s distinctive move of Bruce Lee’s childhood hero.

This piece started at Bankys Dissmund, a sprawling amusement park organized in the UK four years ago.

It’s time to embrace a divorce

It's time to embrace a divorce

Social norms are widely accepted that couples sleep every night in a comfortable environment. If they are incorrect, you can assume that the relationship is unstable.

But this collective action is not some ancient sacred tradition, and many couples ignore it for a better sleep.

Data sharing refers to slow motion towards a more relaxed vision of sleep. According to the British Sleep Board, more people – or at least Britain – say they sleep differently.

Those who said they slept every night rose from 8% in 2013 to 12% in 2017, and those who said they used to sleep away from their partner, at the same time 22% to 24% .

Another study conducted by Toronto University in Toronto in 2013 found that 40% of couples slept separately.

It is not clear whether people sleep more than others, or if they become more comfortable in revealing their sleeping habits. In both cases, the trend has failed to believe that partners always sleep together.

Neil Stanley, author of “Sleep Researcher” and “How to Sleep Well,” studied at a Syrian university in 2005 and found that people often struggle for rest during the night while sleeping next to their partner.

However, because they consider sleeping something “normal”, so despite the health consequences, couples still share bed.

But sleeping together as a normal couple is much more than sleeping. About a dozen people I interviewed told me they preferred to sleep differently from their partner.

Robert, a Pennsylvania native, said he and his wife grew up for eight years and that they live together (asking only for their first name). “We both complain a bit, and both of us are violent dreams and separate at night,” he says.

Laila Shlak, the wine editor, says she and her partner sleep differently because her big dog can stay calm all night if someone sleeps on the couch with a television set. She says the dog pushed the “alloy” to its “end”, apart from the IKEA bed frame nuts.

“Encouraged by the doctor, I just said,” Well, we have a new bed frame and go to sleep on the couch. “Now he and his partner will sleep on the couch with the dog.”

Stanley says the idea is that couples should sleep “comes from building a house in the 16th century, where there was a bedroom for parents and a children’s bedroom.

” Because many people can not afford different bedrooms for different family members. Wealthy couples sleep differently, although wealthy women often sleep with maids to save them from other family members.

The bedrooms were often semi-public places where the rich and the poor slept, as well as the guests, the business, the home and the children.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, homes had private bedrooms for couples, but in the Victorian era, with growing fear of illness and non-representation, people saw that collective sleep was immoral.

The couple’s double family became a standard – a trend that lasted for a long time in the 1960s. (For example, Lucie’s bedroom and Ricardo Ricardo in I Love Lucie.)

The moral horror of having a long-term husband in a separate twin family occurred in the opposite direction.

A 2007 study of 40 joints found that most of them kept a wedding bed code on their resting comfort.

“You do not listen to those who sleep in a different family unless they are happy together or when they grow older,” said a 23-year-old woman. “If you sleep in a different family, people will think there was a mistake in your relationship.”

There is only some studies on general sleep, which means that it is difficult to understand how bed involvement affects health and relationships. In the 2007 meta-review, only five studies were found that examined the effect of the sleep system on the quality of sleep.

The main diet was that when people liked to sleep together – and to say they slept better if they did – the quality of their actual sleep was damaged.

In the 2016 review, only seven relevant studies were found on the relationship between co-sleep and sleep quality.

He concludes that despite the need for a lot of research, only that sleep does not indicate a bad relationship, the joints must be about how to sleep in open communication.

For many couples, the benefits of sleep outweigh the cost.

In a study published in 2008, men with sleep apnea were found to be less likely to be treated if their wives slept in different rooms, given the joints of different species.

Note to candidates for the Democratic Presidency

Note to candidates for the Democratic Presidency

The basic discussion revolves around two things. First of all, candidates need to separate themselves from the rest of the region – something I’ve done successfully in Miami more than others.

Secondly, but more importantly, these events are about giving a message that would increase the status of your nomination as our standard in the general elections. Let me be subtle: in this second front, not good. So here are some suggestions for the next round.

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to get Donald Trump out of the White House and secure the future of the country, repeat what the two former presidents did successfully in their campaigns.

You need to unite all key voters. One reason is that President Trump “end of this race” during the first debate! Twisted enthusiastically: Often, she succumbed to Twitter to follow Peddits, who closed the door to alternative voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

If you win the nomination in a way that paves the way for winning the general election, you will lose, and your name will be lost.

This time, they fell into the trap, many of them shaking our heads during the debate in Miami.

Before our party encourages health care coverage for undetermined migrants – there is no position taken by Ted Kennedy – let us help more than 30 million Americans suffering from a disease away from financial waste.

Before we start worrying about whether the Boston Marathon bombers can vote, the station points out that citizens are trying to boost voting rights.

Before we promise a minimum guaranteed income for healthy adults who want to stay at home and want to play video games, raise the minimum wage and income tax credits to pay for the work of millions of people. Those who work hard and still live near poverty.

More importantly, you have to explain to us what you should win in the general election. Both Democrats and independent voters believe that President Trump is one of the three circus circles, which we call Washington, and we are all tired.

We know that the future of the country is in danger. What we are looking for is a candidate for personality, competence and ability – someone who has vision and destiny is the president of the United States.

To be dominant in the primaries, you have to show this candidate. Understand this as a five-step process.

First of all, people mentioned that our country has always won when we invested in America. When the Russians launched Sputnik, we responded with Apollo.

Fifty years later, Moscow is still watching our flag. When the Soviet Union tried to spread totalitarianism, we successfully prepared democracy and free enterprise to stop the “new century”.

People understand what the past is – this knowledge applies. Today, China carries out the worst types of industrial espionage, stealing ideas from all areas of the economy. The United States but there is a reason to do so.

Our system is specially equipped to enhance the leading innovation power. But Trump is not about investing – one third of the 2017 tax cuts have been allocated to foreigners.

In the meantime, US taxpayers spent the last 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan building blood and treasure in roads, schools and hospitals. All the time, US wages remained stable. People are tired of being cool It’s time to invest in America again

Second, every American knows that our school does not penetrate them. If we achieve 3% of our GDP target from investing in biomedical research, artificial intelligence and quantum physics, we need well-trained staff.

To get there, every four-year-old must have a seat in the general introductory course, and every high school graduate must have a seat in the community college.

If we start investing again in American education, the children in Beijing will once again have the fear of children in Battle Creek. We must make it clear that we know we are in a global competition, and we intend to win again.

Thirdly, anyone who spends his days stuck in endless traffic knows that the roads in the country are not working fast anywhere.

This fact must be enough to convince people that we need to invest in our infrastructure. Most voters will be comfortable knowing that we have to hire American workers to pave the way for America; we can not outsource US reconstruction in New Delhi

Fourthly, Donald Trump provides unity through national patriotic service, in the form of hatred and division.

There would be nothing better than serving each other with ours.

Finally, make sure that all Americans know that Trump’s only real idea about health care is “medical care for all”. No president has ever offered to end this program so quickly.

How can I encourage my husband to return to work to stay at my home

How can I encourage my husband to return to work to stay at my home

My daughter was born eight years ago and where I was the sole breadwinner of my family: my husband stayed at home to take care of her. Now we can actually use the second income.

For years, I have been urging him to go back to work – especially as our daughter is now going to school under the patronage of a working parent support.

We live in a high-cost area of ​​life, and Rathbi barely covers our expenses, as there is nothing to save for retirement or holiday. And forget the owner of the house.

A few months ago, my husband finished the training camp for six months, but says he is still not ready to re-prepare the workforce. She wants to continue learning on her own until she feels she is a competitive candidate.

When he is about to start applying for things, he has no timetable. I know this transition is difficult, but how much do I support? My displeasure with this is increasing, and I do not know what to do about it.

Your frustration is quite reasonable. You are raising huge financial burdens. There is nothing left for other financial priorities or savings objectives. Of course, resentment is cooked. You need help and do not receive it from your husband.

At the same time, the time of the eight-year period is the inability to work, and it seems that reluctance to return to your husband stems from some basic emotional problems.

It may be that he makes excuses, but I bet it is not because of the excuses of laziness. He said he did not feel “a competitive candidate”, which he said lacked trust. You will do this because you are unemployed for almost a decade.

My point is that it may be difficult for you to be patient now, but it is difficult for him to return to an office, where he has to prove himself after leaving that environment for a long time.

Play an important role in all of this – a discouraging partner can make this process more difficult, but the helper will make it very easy.

Take your husband to a place where he feels comfortable, and both need a passionate job: listening, empathy, and much more.

Be a little strategist about how to deal with it. This is the temptation to open up with something, “We need to talk, there is chaos in our financial resources and you need to start making more money.”

If he feels that this disappointment is not coming from anywhere, it is likely to lead to more defenses and more Issues of self-esteem, which will only prolong the problem.

So instead, try to do something else, “I tell you about going back to work, how do you feel, and where do you see yourself next year?”

Of course, you should be open about how you feel, as I said, feeling financially insecure, and you are beginning to feel a little resentful of the risks of financial responsibility.

Maybe you want to buy a house. You want to retire someday and as is the case, you can not put these plans because your household income is not enough.

Instead of the problem, discussing the solution (which can help him) about the solution (what he does to make things worse), will be discussed much more productively.

To get to this solution, you need a plan – when you start actively searching for a job, how many times it is applied, and setting a goal of income based on your financial priorities.

Set your financial goals: For example, you may need to start providing $ 1,000 a month for retirement until you are 67 years old.

You may want to save $ 150 a month for your family trip next year. In order to give a clear idea of ​​where you stand, cut off your family’s money.

Then, mention some concrete steps they can take to bring themselves closer to the ultimate goal of employment.

He can apply for a new job every day. Or drinking coffee with someone in their targeted area every month. Or career counselor vision.

Searching for a job is difficult and emotionally stressful, so your husband may sometimes feel that he is colliding with the wall – keep this in mind and prepare for it.

Ideally, if you understand your husband’s conflict, he will also understand you.

Of course, marriage does not always work neatly, and if you find that you are already in trouble, your husband has not won, it may be time to include the third party.

Your marriage counselor or doctor may seem trivial, but if nothing else works, your spouse may need to be stimulated by offering some guidance to someone else.

Even if you do not bring someone else, the most important thing is that each of you must understand what others are struggling for.