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Sacred Games Season 2: Saif Ali Khan says producers are “alert” to content

Sacred Games Season 2 Saif Ali Khan says producers are alert to content

Saif Ali Khan is excited about the Suburim season for the original sacred games of Netflix India, and the actor says he has dealt with the intelligence of his career in the digital world.

The actor’s police will surprise his share of Sartag Singh in the second season of the season, chasing the truth behind the warning of gangster Ganesh Gaitund (Nafjadin Siddiqui) to save the city.

“There is a difference (here in digital media) in terms of speed, tone and even representation, where they try to reduce it a little bit.You have to rely on the camera that will be captured correctly if you feel it.

“The approach is different, sometimes a gay crowd (a one-screen theater), although it changes, you may be doing nothing but you.” Both (movies and web) This is the smartest thing I’ve been to.

The 48-year-old said the season was more volatile than the previous two seasons and the team was confident.

“Season 2 is clever, it’s back to the past and the future, everything matches, the season is much more important than season 2. The second season is where we change in the first season, but at the top.”

Sartaj appeared in the first season as a single-minded police and Saif said that although many changes were not made internally, there are some changes in their appearance.

“I have played this character for a longer period than any other character … I think it is the same guy … will not solve any problem, in fact, it could be worse.No wall and mercy time.

“Is still a character incomplete and very defective, a nature that causes alcoholism, drugs and pills.” He is very confident in many ways, he is amazingly human, but he is a big mistake.

The actor had to make his physical changes first, to get hard work, hard, he had to lose weight, but this time he had to be in good shape to look.

Speaking in detail, Saif said, “There is a lot of drama and constant movement, he has a lot of bleeding, he does not eat much, he runs a lot and he is not happy.

“In the book, he is a very lean head and well prepared, but when we show him on the show, he is unhappy and inappropriateness, and then once we get to a certain point, it looks like Sartaj Singh in the book, which is more homogeneous.”

Asked if it was easy for him to leave the character, Saif said, “These characters are not as if you were made for someone else.

“But one day it would be sad to say goodbye because you were bound by this turban for several days, like 16 hours of filming,

One floor was offered on the outskirts of Mumbai as the second season of the season where Saif was interacting with shots and technology.

Without shedding light on the scene he launched with new actors Kalki Kochlin, Saif said, “We shoot the inner part of the ashram, and the outer part is done in Delhi.The sacred part of the sacred games was not much in the first season and now comes in.

“I’ve always thought that this is the best thing you can do to make a presentation. because it’s very Indian, it has got a mafia and police, which are unique and their equations are unique.There is politics and Bollywood, this is religion, The exhibition is very interesting. ”

It was a lot of praise when the season was released in 2018 but it called some differences.

Rajiv Kumar Sinha, an Indian National Congress member, presented the first media report against Netflix, the listeners and Nawazuddin Siddiqui on charges of insulting former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Mashhad.

The market representative said that this time the team “on alert” in their approach.

“I think we are being careful … Even if Masari does not contain much of the bad sex and language, that’s unfortunate.” (Few political things), but we were very careful.

“But if there is a problem during the election (if) there may be restrictions on Netflix or Amazon.”

I hope this is never blocked because many directors and artists whose film releases are not the most popular can find a very smart and popular place ” .

In his presentation, Saif said the producers are sensitive and accurate. “We do not want to be banned, we do not want the show to continue, we are not really interested in conflicts, our content is good, we want to create more people with a sense of transparency.”

Like the first season, there are two directors this time as well. Manjane’s fame will be directed to Nairag Geyvan Seif, earlier it was Vikramaditya who directed his share. The representative said that the wounded and motivated.

Making the movie Chuck Russell VFX hero, Jim Carrey inspired to stardom

Making the movie Chuck Russell VFX hero, Jim Carrey inspired to stardom

In 1994, producer of “The Mask” completes the 25-year-old film on July 29.

When he re-examined the film several years later, it became clear that through his dissatisfied and pioneering film industry in VFX technology, Russell provided an outlet for the deepest wishes of the audience.

As the character was announced in the film, “Everyone wears a mask”

In the film, the cute and weak Jim Carrey plays the role of Epicis, a simple banker who admitted that until he removed the mask, it was a social failure.

Once he takes it, he gets rid of the hurt signals and pop culture (the owner, bandit gangs and street thieves).

The symbol then becomes literal when all Stanley needs are in the form of a mask to guide his deep desire.

He claims that thanks to this amazing new power, he can save the world from all evils and prove to be a supernatural hero.

The next morning, Stanley forgot to change it easily and think that last night was just a dream. But the loss is real.

The owner of the land saw the mask according to the police. With one exception, street thieves were taken to a medical facility because the “masks” were shot from Tommy’s gun before night, causing them to litter all night in the community. It must be

He is a great man in dire need of the world, but he really is not worthy.

It is not entirely clear whether Stanley has already turned into a mask or imagined this idea in his mind. However, creative calls to explain to the public that the Stanley / Mask has worked have been ambitious.

She is able to say things that need to be said regularly so she can get out of the job unit, whatever she wants. Choose the option of the ego mask controls.

Because of the masks’ effect at night, Stanley gradually became more entertaining, rockier, more desperate and more vulnerable.

In an interesting scene, when it becomes difficult for Stanley to get to know his love for Cameron Diaz Tina’s character, the mask becomes a confidence.

Tina, who is not afraid of the amazing gestures of the “mask”, does not reach its peak when Stanley reveals that the “masks” actually accept their moments after the mask is thrown into the river, where the first one was revived. Sook

Stanley’s insistence on becoming a mask in his daily life without the help of actual equipment is not a mistake at all.

Not only because “masks” stuck to “Stanley”, but because of his gestures like “masks” often encourage others to leave. Russell shows us through the film that everyone has a real and fun side, but circumstances force them to develop a guard for themselves.

Russell VFX presented a story tool to showcase the fortress of the mask and control pop culture at the time, before VFX movies and superhero movies became synonymous.

In an exclusive interview with FirstPost, he said: “When they could not get the water and nice dogs.

He cited the main reason Carrie was portrayed as the protagonist because “his drawings fit his role perfectly in the role of distorting his face strangely.”

Thus, the production company provided a lot of money in terms of VFX. This is good for both sides because masks gave Carey a star in the 1990s.

Unfortunately, Forward Garch, The Mask won the Academy Award for best special impact next year.

In the same interview with FirstPost, Russell said: “It was a rare film that did not bear the burden of saving civilization, but in old times a new film was as generous as I could ever think of acting like the clown they wanted.

One tool, I now have every movie hero or now in exhibitions has become an attractive tool.

Netflix’s Great Hack is a great start-up to raise awareness of our data misuse

Netflix's Great Hack is a great start-up to raise awareness of our data misuse

We have all been listening to him in the last few years. We have seen this impact in elections around the world. We have all exploited them.

Now we are at this stage where we can not reject it – large data is now more experimentally valuable than oil.

New documentary from Netflix The Great Hack, the big data flickered a little in the headlines from the rabbit hole – and if you’re not familiar with the subject, get ready for shock and humiliation.

Even if you’re following large data, it’s good to recommend your friends as a starting point to increase awareness of our data misuse.

There are many developments in The Big Data scandal, and in the directors of The Great Hack, Karim Amer and Jihan Nougeim choose to focus on a central aspect – a company called Cambridge Antilica, which turns users into Facebook. There is a plot to process targeted ads.

The most vulnerable moment of the film is a few minutes, where a section of CGI is used to illustrate how to load your data heavily with high-end portable devices.

In an attempt to become a cinematographer, the film is short in its strides but fortunately things return to the track when we meet some prominent figures serving the siren. Cambridge did not say Analika anything about how to explain their little tricks to reduce democracy.

Among the main characters in the film are Steve Bainan, former Trump campaign boss, mysterious Alexander Knicks, who used to manage Cambridge analyzes; David Carroll, a professor who knows the dangers of large data; and Britney Kaiser, who exploded away last year.

Essentially, this film is capable of portraying the complexity of the CA process with simple words, which can be clearly understood by the most visible form of the audience.

The information we collect is similar to that in The Big Short, but the display here is better for consumption.

Kaiser is the most mysterious person in this story, and although the article he divides is provocative, it is clear that some facts have left him to give a more sympathetic look.

Google’s quick search explains that his portrayal of the film was “raising the jazz”; it turned out to be “off the net” on a secret island near Thailand, while working with New York City and still working with Big Data.

Curiously, the film does not include Robert and Rebecca Mercer, the film elite who funded CA and hosted another right-wing research center for the unique purpose of destroying the planet.

But again, this is not a topic that can be included in the movie – go down the rabbit hole and contemplate in institutions such as The Cabin Brothers, Peter Tell, Lizzle Wiesner and the wicked Bond villain Mark Zuckerberg.

Who has lied to Congressional hearings and is still not in prison, but constantly publishes the destructive nature of Facebook in new ways.

The film presents a very disappointing picture of the state of democratic states around the world because there is no solution to the struggles at the end either.

There is a problem in our hands, and it gets worse just because human social media are linked to the giants who have made people something.

As long as you keep using Facebook, Instagram, Tic torque and other applications that link to your data, the world will continue to open the gate to the wave of nationalism that is confusing it.

The Great Hack is not about some of the technical companies and politicians who talk about you, but unless you continue to vote for these same people, how will they not be responsible?

It is fitting that the film collides with Netflix, a day after Robert Mueller testified on television about Russia’s penetration into the United States.

It was a media storm not yet extinguished, with Whistleblower Christopher Wylley announcing at the Observer and the New York Times a year ago how the company had access to private data for millions of Facebook users to target in political campaigns. .

This week, The Great Hack, a documentary from Netflix, is the first long attempt to collect all the stories in any type of story – although it is also a contest by the people who appear in the film.

“It’s not about a company,” says Julian Whiteland, former chief operating officer at Cambridge Analit. “This technique continues uninterrupted and will continue uninterrupted. […] There has always been Cameron Analitica.

Javed Akhtar barks against Shekhar Kapoor showing a very thin crust

Javed Akhtar barks against Shekhar Kapoor showing a very thin crust

A few years ago in a poetry reading session, one of the listeners Javed Akhtar asked about a line written by Kumar Vishuas.

“Someone wrote, to yes, from Diwana Hussein, you are Tawfiq D. Who is this Tova in poetry, Javed?

In his trademark – which seems angry and rational, even if not – Akhtar replied: “This is a disorder (mental disorder).”

In a private conversation with Creative Head of an advertising agency, Akhtar made a major political diagnosis as an attractive statesman, who gave him comments on election slogans and election lines in some elections to find the slow-motion found. It is still. the campaign.

Now, Akhtar explained that the director of Shekhar Kapoor films such as Innocent and Mr. India is not good and it needs to see a psychiatrist.

“Shikhar, you’re not right, you need help, come on, there’s no flaw in meeting a good psychiatrist,” I chose Sunday.

Kapoor’s fury aroused his anger and described himself as a partition refugee, who was afraid of intellectuals. “Embrace it is like a snake bite.” Still a refugee, “Kapoor tweets.

Frankness and oral differences are part of the Twitter culture. But Akhtar sounds like a stubborn child, as Oscar Wilde put it, by blaming thought and blaming a mental problem on camphor, a brain disorder, just because he criticized India’s “intellectual intelligence.” Non.

Like any other person in democracy, Shekhar enjoys his views and fears.

You can run counter to their performance of “intellectuals”, a word that is done in the past such as secularism, such as libel.

You can say that despite his privileges in life, his claim that he was a “refugee” – he mentioned that he went to St.

Stephen was easy to find in Bollywood because of his predecessors – a little dramatic. You can say that despite playing his paper with these people, despite his first entry into Bollywood, he attacks people who attack them.

But with the issue of mental health, Kapoor rejected as a “poor, lonely, rich” person, raw ego and bad literature.

During Kapoor’s public defamation, raising questions about his ability to participate in the debate, by making a clear decision on his mind, proved the dangers that the way out was right: the shock has already become toxic. Non.

They have shown that “intellectuals” are really afraid of their ability to openly argue against someone who dares to question the club that Elector is not only part of himself but also a spokesman

Someone needs to ask Javed, his friend, “What is the ruling?” For this, he seems accustomed to passing raw testimonies to people they disagree with, with sometimes fatal and unpredictable consequences.

It is widely believed that Akhtar contributed to the party’s “k maut ka saudagar” campaign, which did not raise much of his leader’s intelligence.

Similarly Sri Sri Ravishankar was sent to prison by saying that educating the wealthy to breathe was just a scam.

A few years ago, during his farewell speech to Rajia Sebha, Akhtar described Asad al-Din Awaisi as Muhala’s leader of Hyderabad.

His wish was neglected – for strange reasons, which conflicted with their history in logic – Al-Awaissi refused to chant “Bharat Mata Ki-Jay” to prove his patriotism.

If it is necessary to have a symbol of liberal democracy, this is a different discussion. But the leader of any party to throw an elected member of the parliament, when he was nominated himself, was naive.

Two years ago, when Yogeshwar Dutt and Sisters fired at Gummeher Kaur, a student at Delhi University for his views on the war, in a state of pride, Akhtar described him as “barely literate.”

It was once again a feature of mentality that only considered a certain class of people – a degree of intelligence gained through education – they were entitled to opinions and ideas. All others need only to close or shrink.

The problem of Akhtar is that in addition to making decisions, it sometimes becomes personal during a public debate.

There seems to be something against their beliefs, which is considered a personal rite, to be confronted with full force, even if that does not mean just correspondence but also messenger.

Perhaps the inability to control your habit and anger, the ugly innocence of the public escape in public places, parents who like to talk about others, such as guardian of the self-guard, need attention like the way he recommends others.

How Hollywood is asserting dominance in Indian market

How Hollywood is asserting dominance in Indian market

King King films thrive on Hollywood movies in the Indian film market and have become a real changer for games with the ongoing movie show of 2019.

According to the FICCI and EY 2019 report on media and entertainment, Hollywood movies are experiencing strong growth at the Indian box office – in 2017, Top 10 Hollywood Movies in India from Rs 750 crore to Rs. 480 crore in 2017.

FICCI also said that in 2018, the Indian NBOC (listed in dubbed versions of all Hindi languages) of Hollywood movies was 921 crores.

“Disney has all four Hollywood movies in India this year,” she told commercial analyst Taran Adarsh ​​First Post. Now, Hollywood has strengthened and strengthened itself in the Indian market through a loyal admirer. Book of the bush in India.

The contribution of the volume of the Business Book of Business has been a real turning point for the world’s total film. ”

Loyon King has an excellent tour of India’s box office with 93.45 crore ($ 13.98 million). Almost 38% of the cumulative total of the film came from the southern markets, especially the Tamil Nadu and Telugu states.

Lion King finished second with TEE 10.3 in Tien at the opening weekend, which won women’s Aaii of Amla Paul.

In fact, the opening week of the Kendon Condon in Chayan Vikram was just a little more than Robin Crawley than the live drama directed by John Vivero.

“While the Avengers got a great start, The Lion King was well maintained with the family fans well during the week,” says Robben, owner of the popular GK Cinema in Chennai and its suburbs.

“On nights, we had an impressive show, The level of new stars in Tamil films for exhibitors has helped the sector. ”

Commercial analyst Girish Johar says the market share of Hollywood movies has increased in India.

“India was definitely in the top ten markets to ensure avengers.”

Now, big Hollywood movies are being released with other important markets in India, they all said the jungle book was unique but other films are doing well. The Spider-Man and Annabelle series now perform well.

A decade ago, The Hollywood movie market share was 2-3%. Now, has grown by leaps and bounds, and Hollywood has taken giant steps to penetrate. ”

Spider-Man: From afar, the house has already lost more than Rs 100 crores in the sale of a dramatic accumulator in India, while Aladdin earned about Rs 69 crore.

Captain Marvel from Berri Larsson has also joined the 100-crore club with a total of $ 14.4 million from India.

The FICCI report says that Hollywood movies are now being released in India on the same day and date, when there is no rest of the world there. The success of recent years has established India as a very attractive market for global studios.

Film critic and commercial analyst LM Kaushik believes that the popularity of Hollywood movies in TN this summer is the primary performance of large Tamil projects such as NGK, Mr. Lokal and Sindhudh.

“On the other hand, all these Hollywood movies have a great story and a better visual experience, and the quality of dubbing has increased, and the result has been clear in the box office box for modern films like Spider Man.

” With The Lion King, we need to improve our game, Simple stories with great conviction and movie viewing experience, Lion King in 2019 in Tien is expected to become one of the largest grocery stores in the sector Kushik said it would be a great achievement compared to the total value of Rs 30 in the state.

Girish says Bollywood producers need to carefully check Hollywood’s movie list for their films. “Avengers were one version in all languages.”

Indian directors realized that there could be no other film against the Avengers, a big change in mentality, and Indian directors needed to draw their socks.

The producer also announced the launch plan, and Gereish said he was watching the Hollywood movie Slate actively as well as other films.

Adarsh ​​was interested in introducing Hollywood films into the regional market.

“They are moving forward in their regional markets, especially Indian, Tamil and Telugu, and they have begun to use the voice of the famous stars … The Angry Birds 2. Kapil is a leading comedian and will help to enter the market more.”