The basic discussion revolves around two things. First of all, candidates need to separate themselves from the rest of the region – something I’ve done successfully in Miami more than others.

Secondly, but more importantly, these events are about giving a message that would increase the status of your nomination as our standard in the general elections. Let me be subtle: in this second front, not good. So here are some suggestions for the next round.

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to get Donald Trump out of the White House and secure the future of the country, repeat what the two former presidents did successfully in their campaigns.

You need to unite all key voters. One reason is that President Trump “end of this race” during the first debate! Twisted enthusiastically: Often, she succumbed to Twitter to follow Peddits, who closed the door to alternative voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

If you win the nomination in a way that paves the way for winning the general election, you will lose, and your name will be lost.

This time, they fell into the trap, many of them shaking our heads during the debate in Miami.

Before our party encourages health care coverage for undetermined migrants – there is no position taken by Ted Kennedy – let us help more than 30 million Americans suffering from a disease away from financial waste.

Before we start worrying about whether the Boston Marathon bombers can vote, the station points out that citizens are trying to boost voting rights.

Before we promise a minimum guaranteed income for healthy adults who want to stay at home and want to play video games, raise the minimum wage and income tax credits to pay for the work of millions of people. Those who work hard and still live near poverty.

More importantly, you have to explain to us what you should win in the general election. Both Democrats and independent voters believe that President Trump is one of the three circus circles, which we call Washington, and we are all tired.

We know that the future of the country is in danger. What we are looking for is a candidate for personality, competence and ability – someone who has vision and destiny is the president of the United States.

To be dominant in the primaries, you have to show this candidate. Understand this as a five-step process.

First of all, people mentioned that our country has always won when we invested in America. When the Russians launched Sputnik, we responded with Apollo.

Fifty years later, Moscow is still watching our flag. When the Soviet Union tried to spread totalitarianism, we successfully prepared democracy and free enterprise to stop the “new century”.

People understand what the past is – this knowledge applies. Today, China carries out the worst types of industrial espionage, stealing ideas from all areas of the economy. The United States but there is a reason to do so.

Our system is specially equipped to enhance the leading innovation power. But Trump is not about investing – one third of the 2017 tax cuts have been allocated to foreigners.

In the meantime, US taxpayers spent the last 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan building blood and treasure in roads, schools and hospitals. All the time, US wages remained stable. People are tired of being cool It’s time to invest in America again

Second, every American knows that our school does not penetrate them. If we achieve 3% of our GDP target from investing in biomedical research, artificial intelligence and quantum physics, we need well-trained staff.

To get there, every four-year-old must have a seat in the general introductory course, and every high school graduate must have a seat in the community college.

If we start investing again in American education, the children in Beijing will once again have the fear of children in Battle Creek. We must make it clear that we know we are in a global competition, and we intend to win again.

Thirdly, anyone who spends his days stuck in endless traffic knows that the roads in the country are not working fast anywhere.

This fact must be enough to convince people that we need to invest in our infrastructure. Most voters will be comfortable knowing that we have to hire American workers to pave the way for America; we can not outsource US reconstruction in New Delhi

Fourthly, Donald Trump provides unity through national patriotic service, in the form of hatred and division.

There would be nothing better than serving each other with ours.

Finally, make sure that all Americans know that Trump’s only real idea about health care is “medical care for all”. No president has ever offered to end this program so quickly.

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