The official Sega Genesis mini game will be released in September and hopes to retrieve some of the old gaming promotions, which will turn the versions of Super Nintendo and NES Mini Classic into bestsellers.

But there is already a modern piece of hardware that can play Sega Genesis games on your HD TV – in addition to Mega Drive, Master System and Sega CD.

Analog Mega SG is the third in a series of reference quality, representative of the FPGA retro control console, a precision company in old school games.

It provides a unique and non-zero-play mode with full 1080p output to work with HD or even 4K TVs, which are not found in any other old school game consoles.

For $ 189.99 (almost double the price of the SEGA Origination Mini), you get the same controller, which includes a included mainframe cartridge adapter, an HDMI cable and a USB power-saving cable (plus one, however, a USB plug) on ​​your TV, You may be able to give it direct energy).

The package also includes a silicone pad that you should use with original Sega CD devices, which are plugged into the bottom of the SG device as you did with the original.

It consists of two ports that support the original Wired Origin console, or you can also choose the 8bitdo M30 wireless controller and adapter, which trades at $ 24.99.

Such as NT mini for NES, and doing Super NT for SNES, Mega Mega already saves when it comes to performance.

The games look amazing on my LG OLED 4K, and I can choose from many video output settings to adjust to my liking, adding memory to the old fake scalability and running it on an old CRT that looks like it looks. .

Similarly, the sound is excellent – the Dolphin Echo opening notes were introduced in a 48 kHz 16-bit stereo, which came out of my sonos sound system.

Similarly, the ridiculous funny sonic haircut came across the membrane, but certainly clearly anything that was actually played as a child from the old TV headphones.

Even if you do not have a set of original Sega cartridges ready to sit (though I bet you are interested in this set), Mega SG has what it offers: Board, but the digital version of the unrelated Sega Genesis game “Hardcore” Almost completed in 1994, but not released.

It has been renamed “Ultrakore” and has been renamed. Once you connect and launch it, you can run it from the main console menu.

Analog has planned to add more capabilities to the giant SG in the future, which includes cartridge adapters that allow it to run Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000.

These devices will be supported by a representative FPGA designed for all the massive SGS, so it will not be operated for the proper entertainment of the original gaming experience, essentially, without emulation.

If you are really in the classic game and are very interested in accuracy, this is definitely the best way to play sega games on modern TV – this is also super fun.

As Nt Mini did with NES, and compared to Tall Nt with SNES previously, Mega Sg is already saving performance.

The games look unbelievable on a 4KLGOLED TV, and I will mediate with a set of video output settings to adjust them to my liking, as well as to address the retrogressive scalability as well as to think more about that I would love to take your memory on one.

Mature CRT TV

Similarly, the sound is modern – these early notes were made to the 48-kHz sound of a 16-bit bit of the microSound system.

Similarly, the Razor Buzz skirt that talked about Sonic came in the form of memorization, but there is no doubt that there is nothing better than that which is already played as a child of mature TV speakers.

Even if you do not suspend the heap (although I am part of this system during the process) when you are ready to run the SEGA firmware for a long time, there is one thing to offer.

Mega SG: On the board, I was in the context of the amazing Sega Genesis game ” Hardcore “for digital reproduction, which was completed in 1994, but has become unpublished.

It was named “Ultrakore” and its name was changed, and it will urge it on the most inevitable menu in the console that opens it quickly and sets it on fire.

Analog plans to add more capabilities to the giant SG in the future, which contains cartridge adapters that allow it to request price III sports and sports the Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000.

It will also be supported by an analog FPGA designed for all massive SGS, so the game will not be simulated realistically to experience the new games completely now.

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