In the Karnataka state, the newly formed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, under BS Yeddyurappa, formed a majority in the Assembly on Monday, when the Prime Minister relied on his government.

Between the wishes, explanations and allegations of the “lack of people’s mandate” on behalf of the opposition, the government of Yeddorepaba won a vote of confidence through a voice memo.

K. R. K. Ramesh Kumar announced his resignation immediately after the confidence vote in the process that lasted less than one hour of the House meeting.

The BJP kept the numbers out of the rebel legislators who had reduced the strength of the House, kept the number in the game comfortably, the Opposition Congress and the JD (S) did not put pressure on a division vote.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives announced that the House of Representatives approved a proposal in which there is a line expressing faith in the Ministry under the leadership of Yeddyurappa.

On Sunday, Kumar proceeded to reduce the marks of majority of the 105 seats, apart from three former people, the majority of 105, till the end of the present situation of the 11 members of Congress legislators and three Jordan legislators (S) in the House of Representatives in 2023. Done BJP, which is the support of an independent party.

The Congress has 66 members, Dinar of 34 jars, the president of the House of Representatives (who has an impressive voice in the case of the draw) and the removal of a member of the BSP party who, during the vote on July 23, issued instructions to the HD Kumaraswamy Government Was expelled from the party for violation.

The speaker’s movement on Sunday was a big relief for the BJP, which won by the expectation. Two former Congressmen of Congress also called on the Supreme Court on Monday to appeal against the President’s decision to disqualify him.

The speaker of the Parliament had expressed the possibility of resigning after a 14-month long tenure, among the reports that the BJP was considering to move the motion of no confidence.

“I decided to free myself from this post … I decided to resign,” Kumar quoted deputy speaker Krishna Reddy as resignation letter.

Kumar said as Speaker of the House, according to his “Vivek” he was working as per the constitution and according to the Constitution. “The dignity of the office is as difficult as I can.”

Moving forward in the movement of faith, Yeddyurappa said that he would not be involved in “change policy” and believe in “the doctrine of forgiveness and forgiveness”. He said that administrative machinery was collapsed and its priority was back on track.

Yudaruba, who left Kumaraswamy, said, “I became the Prime Minister according to the expectations of the people whose 14-month-old government had collapsed under the brink of revolt by a section of the multinational coalition.”

Seventeen legislators (Congress 14 and JDS-3) passed the assembly session during the July 23 voting, due to which the government of Kumaraswamy had to be overthrown, which lost 99-member confidence vote and 105 against it.

Yeddyurappa said that he took office in a difficult situation with the state facing drought. “The administrative system has collapsed … priority is to return to the right path.”

“I appeal to the opposition that we will work together I want to appeal to the House of Representatives that they believe in me. ” .

He also said: “I will not indulge in the policy of change, I believe in” tolerance and tolerance principle. “Yeddyurappa also sought the support of the opposition.

The leader of the legislative assembly Congress, Sitaramaiya said that the Jedurkababa government was “unconstitutional and unethical” and expressed suspicion about its longevity.

“We have been elected to work for the people and we should try to do that. I tried it as Prime Minister and HD Kumaraswamy too.” Yeddyurappa said that the administration has reached a dead end and wants to improve it. This was not the case in the coalition. Normal minimum “.

“You do not have people’s mandate,” Cederma Lidorupaba said, “Unfortunately, my hand was not the Prime Minister with the mandate of the public … Where the mandate is? You do not have 2008, 2018 or still.

When I took oath, there were 222 MLAs. The House where BJP has 112 MLAs for the majority – had 105 seats, it is not authorized. ”

“Let’s see how much this is (Prime Minister),” Cedermaya told the newspaper, “I want you to be the Prime Minister for the full time, but I do not think you will be able to fulfill the mandate.”


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