US antitrust bodies have agreed to buy T-Mobile’s $ 26.5 billion Rival Sprint, which leaves only three major mobile phone companies, making it a small competitor in a satellite TV dish.

Although there are still some obstacles to closing the deal, here’s what a common T-Mobile-Sprint company can do for you and your mobile phone bill:

For most T-Mobile and Sprint customers

Sprint customers will eventually be transferred to a new T-Mobile, but this transition will take a few years. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you will not see many changes.

However, since the goal of the acquisition is to introduce the next generation network “5G”, customers can eventually see the fastest service.

What about former customers

Under the deal, the dish will receive prepaid Sprint, which includes Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Even if its network is not ready, customers will not be able to see low quality of service because the dish will use the T-Mobile network so it will not work on its own. Can.

How powerful is this

This is an open question.

Public interest groups show that Sprint is an existing company with more than 50 million subscribers. The dish will start with a $ 10 billion network. You get only 9 million customers from the deal and you’ll have to fight to win more.

According to the network, the dish already has spectrum or airtime rights, but it has not been used. The dish will receive additional aircraft from Friday’s package that travels far and works well in rural areas.

The app is maintained for those who use it in their network, but at the same time TN Mobile must rely on the network. Analyst Mavit Nathanson Craig Moffett says the preparation shows that the dish has no incentive to set low “aggressive” prices.

Dish says he will serve 70 percent of the US population by 2023. But when a 5G bill is issued, the dish is a bit more promising than usual today.

The dish can take some time to challenge the big corporations that benefit consumers – if it does – on how T-Mobile has developed a reputation for itself as a “non-affiliate.”

And much more for AT & T customers

T-Mobile played a key role in making the most established players more convenient for consumers, with two-year phone contracts and unlimited data plans.

T-Mobile offers gifts such as free or discounted netflix and free international data to its customers.

With only three major providers, the concern is that there will be fewer incentives to link services that consumers like or compete with.

T-Mobile promised not to raise prices for three years, but it is then a fair game. But T-Mobile CEO John Lagere said on Friday the company would remain “uninsured” and keep Verizon, AT & T and others on their toes.

So what prices will go up or down

Opinion is divided. A lower number of competitors usually means higher prices, which is part of the reason why the drug requires the health to sell its business share to the number of major wireless providers to maintain the number of key wireless carriers.

“Americans across the country are expected to pay higher prices for worse services in the AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile wireless markets,” said Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Market Institute. Promotes competition. “The problem is especially poor and poor for rural customers”

But others, including T-Mobile, say the price has not gone up and that the deal is good for consumers.

“The business enterprise has the incentive to give US consumers everything they want: fast, affordable and affordable wireless service,” said Patrick Hider, research partner at the Institute of Competitive Institutions. Intervention is favorable.

Will this deal be executed

The federal judge must sign the approval because it includes the terms of the new company. And 14 prosecutor sued the deal to stop the deal.

How will T-Mobile and Sprint Roll 5G work

The next generation of wireless 5G has become a political issue. President Donald Trump said he wanted America to “win” the G-5, especially against China. Prepares fast speeds and opportunities for new technologies.

Both Sprint and T-Mobile have already launched 5G networks in some cities. They said they would be able to do it individually and in a better way.

They promised to cover 97% of America and 99% in six years in three years. T-Mobile said it plans to launch a nationwide network by 2020, but does not have such specific goals.

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