This time, he became the financial giant and credit card issuer Capital Wan, who unveiled a credit crunch on Monday, which affected 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadian citizens.

Affected consumers and small businesses are those who received one of the company’s credit cards until 2005.

Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, self-reported income and more credit card application data – including more than 140,000 social security numbers in the United States and over one million in Canada.

The FBI already has a suspect in custody. Paige Thompson, 33 Seattle residents and software developer, was arrested and detained pending case.

They were accused of violating the Web application’s firewall and stealing data, which was supposed to be preserved.

Do you know? It must be. Just last week, Equifax, a credit-rating giant, gave away $ 575 million for “debt breach” – hidden from the public for several months – two years ago.

Why should we be surprised? Equifax had to face zero results until another fine. All the talk, they are very excited, but take a few actions.

Richard Smith, CEO of Equifax, was “retired” before retiring, allowing him to maintain his proper pension. The deputies questioned the company but nothing happened.

The investigation initiated by the former head of the Office of Consumer Protection Finance, the government body, responsible for protecting consumers from fraud, refused to follow the company.

The FTC took its fine time to issue a penalty – which was about 20% of the company’s annual revenue for 2018.

One of the most serious violations against the US population since the violation of classified veterinary files in the Office of Personnel Management. 2015, close Equifax lightly

Legally, nothing has changed. Equifax is more in the form of a “victim” in the eyes of the law, as it was earlier – technically, but there are many millions of affected who are forced to freeze their credit as a result.

Mark Warner, the Democratic senator who worked with Elizabeth Warren, the presidential candidate with his Virginia colleague, was firm in the company and called for more protection of consumer data.

Together with his colleagues, he called credit agencies to face the penalty for the highest bronze and corporate accounting – and sent a message to others that they can not play quickly and lose again with our data.

But Congress did not cut it. Warner Techcrunch told at the time that “the failure of the company, as well as the legislators” takes no action.

Now, this has happened again. Without congressional intervention, Capitol is likely to face enormous difficulties, as with Equifax.

Blaming legislators for what you want. He had a role to play in this. But to make us fool twice, we shy away from credit companies for not taking appropriate action in the first place.

The Equifax fire must have been extinguished under the credit giants. The Canary breach in the coal mine was looking and we waited for what would happen after the Canary – but there was not much action for the American people.

No action was taken. The companies continued their mentality “it can happen with us, but probably not.” It always happened again so companies did not have anything to force them to work.

Companies keep our data deliberately and otherwise – not enough to protect them.

Unless we can enact laws to protect consumers from doing so again, these violations will continue for a long time because companies will continue to collect our data and will not take their data security responsibilities seriously.

We have had a chance to prevent such abuses from happening again, but within two years, we are barely fighting the basic concepts of Internet security. So we have to show that this is a simple punishment.

Thompson had to face a five-year prison term and a fine of up to $ 250,000.

Each person faces another major intrusion in his or her personal life. The copy is not in the hands of hackers, but the companies that collect our data – with our consent and often without it – and take a lot of freedom with it.

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