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Acquire Sprint T-Mobile is a logical thing for you

Acquire Sprint T-Mobile is a logical thing for you

US antitrust bodies have agreed to buy T-Mobile’s $ 26.5 billion Rival Sprint, which leaves only three major mobile phone companies, making it a small competitor in a satellite TV dish.

Although there are still some obstacles to closing the deal, here’s what a common T-Mobile-Sprint company can do for you and your mobile phone bill:

For most T-Mobile and Sprint customers

Sprint customers will eventually be transferred to a new T-Mobile, but this transition will take a few years. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you will not see many changes.

However, since the goal of the acquisition is to introduce the next generation network “5G”, customers can eventually see the fastest service.

What about former customers

Under the deal, the dish will receive prepaid Sprint, which includes Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Even if its network is not ready, customers will not be able to see low quality of service because the dish will use the T-Mobile network so it will not work on its own. Can.

How powerful is this

This is an open question.

Public interest groups show that Sprint is an existing company with more than 50 million subscribers. The dish will start with a $ 10 billion network. You get only 9 million customers from the deal and you’ll have to fight to win more.

According to the network, the dish already has spectrum or airtime rights, but it has not been used. The dish will receive additional aircraft from Friday’s package that travels far and works well in rural areas.

The app is maintained for those who use it in their network, but at the same time TN Mobile must rely on the network. Analyst Mavit Nathanson Craig Moffett says the preparation shows that the dish has no incentive to set low “aggressive” prices.

Dish says he will serve 70 percent of the US population by 2023. But when a 5G bill is issued, the dish is a bit more promising than usual today.

The dish can take some time to challenge the big corporations that benefit consumers – if it does – on how T-Mobile has developed a reputation for itself as a “non-affiliate.”

And much more for AT & T customers

T-Mobile played a key role in making the most established players more convenient for consumers, with two-year phone contracts and unlimited data plans.

T-Mobile offers gifts such as free or discounted netflix and free international data to its customers.

With only three major providers, the concern is that there will be fewer incentives to link services that consumers like or compete with.

T-Mobile promised not to raise prices for three years, but it is then a fair game. But T-Mobile CEO John Lagere said on Friday the company would remain “uninsured” and keep Verizon, AT & T and others on their toes.

So what prices will go up or down

Opinion is divided. A lower number of competitors usually means higher prices, which is part of the reason why the drug requires the health to sell its business share to the number of major wireless providers to maintain the number of key wireless carriers.

“Americans across the country are expected to pay higher prices for worse services in the AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile wireless markets,” said Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Market Institute. Promotes competition. “The problem is especially poor and poor for rural customers”

But others, including T-Mobile, say the price has not gone up and that the deal is good for consumers.

“The business enterprise has the incentive to give US consumers everything they want: fast, affordable and affordable wireless service,” said Patrick Hider, research partner at the Institute of Competitive Institutions. Intervention is favorable.

Will this deal be executed

The federal judge must sign the approval because it includes the terms of the new company. And 14 prosecutor sued the deal to stop the deal.

How will T-Mobile and Sprint Roll 5G work

The next generation of wireless 5G has become a political issue. President Donald Trump said he wanted America to “win” the G-5, especially against China. Prepares fast speeds and opportunities for new technologies.

Both Sprint and T-Mobile have already launched 5G networks in some cities. They said they would be able to do it individually and in a better way.

They promised to cover 97% of America and 99% in six years in three years. T-Mobile said it plans to launch a nationwide network by 2020, but does not have such specific goals.

Sprint’s deal worth $ 26.5 billion from T-Mobile is not good despite the competition

Sprint's deal worth $ 26.5 billion from T-Mobile is not good despite the competition

US regulators have approved the $ 26.5 billion acquisition of Rival Sprint of T-Mobile, despite the high prices and fears of a job cut, in a deal that leaves only three major cellphone companies in the country.

After agreeing to the terms of Sprint and T-Mobile, on Friday, the approval was given to the Department of Justice and five State Attorney General, who received satellite-TV provider Dish from Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobile-Sprint Company, a small competitor.

Will set it in the form. Judge of the Department of Justice, Maken Delrayham said that the conditions have established the dish “as a disruptive force in wireless”.

But the general lawyers of other states and public-interest advocates say that the dish is hardly a replacement for Sprint as the sole company and fails to harm the competition due to the conditions: high prices of the deal, Losses and fewer options for consumers. .

A federal judge should still sign the approval, because the conditions for them are included in the disposal of two companies with justice.

The Federal Communications Commission is also expected to give its blessings to the acquisition.

Dish is paying $ 5 billion for Sprint’s prepaid cellphone brands from both companies, including Boost and Virgin Mobile – about 9 million customers – and some spectrum for wireless service, or airwaves. Dish can also rent the T-Mobile network for seven years, while it builds its own.

Dish had promised to FCC on Friday that he would build a nationwide network by using the next generation “5G” technology by June 2023.

But the dish is a promising moment, which is a little higher than today’s specific, even if 5G promises the possibility of blazing motion.

The Trump administration has not been consistent in its approach to media and telecommunications mergers.

Although the government went to court to block AT & T Time Warner’s takeover and then lost, the Justice Department allowed Disney to buy 21st Century Fox with only minor property sales to deal.

Merger between direct competitors was historically a high time to clarify in the Justice Department.

Sprint and T-Mobile combined will now approach the size of Verizon and AT & T. Companies have argued that bulking up would mean a better next-generation “5G” wireless network could either be built on its own.

Sprint and T-Mobile have argued for more than a year that instead of being a big company to challenge AT & T and Verizon, it would be better for US consumers than two small companies.

Both companies tried to combine during the Obama administration but regulators reprimanded them.

Once President Donald Trump hoped for more industry-friendly regulators, he resumed negotiations after assuming charge as President Donald Trump. Companies urged Trump’s desire to “win” the global 5G race with China.

Meanwhile, after the promise of T-Mobile to make rural broadband and 5G almost in the whole country, after the promise of selling its Boost prepaid brand and maintaining prices for three years, FCC agreed on the deal in May Expressed it.

But attorney general of 13 states and Columbia District – are different from those five states who have approved the deal – have filed a lawsuit for blocking the deal.

They say that the promised benefits, such as better network in rural areas and overall fast service, can not be verified.

They also worry that eliminating a major wireless company will result in immediate reduction in the competition and the increase in prices for the cellphone service will cause consumers immediate damage.

The New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement, “We have serious concern that combining this new fourth mobile player will not harm consumers, workers, and innovators who win and lose the government.”

T-Mobile CEO John Lagere said on Friday that he believes that the deal can be closed by the end of the year and the company will be associated with the state’s attorney general, who will oppose the deal.

Dish is a company with a downturn satellite TV business. It does not have any wireless business, but in the last decade, it has spent more than $ 21 billion while depositing a large spectrum of spectrum for wireless service.

The wireless industry has long been suspicious of the ambitions of the dish, rather than actually building a wireless service, to estimate that the company wanted to make money by selling its holdings to other companies.

Long-time telecommunications analyst, Rickon Analytics founder Roger Antonner said that the settlement was good for T-Mobile, AT & T and Verizon, because a weak contestant in Sprint is being replaced by a weak in the dish.

There is also a cellular network, along with Sprint, the current number 4 wireless provider, thousands of stores and other distribution points. None of the dishes, although the settlement gives the option to take.

Israel is investing in advanced technology upgrades at the West Bank crossing

Israel is investing in advanced technology upgrades at the West Bank crossing

Kalandia Crossing, West Bank – After 6 am, a Palestinian man’s face is temporarily bathed in a crimson light, not because of the sun on the Jordan Mountains, but also on the face of an Israeli site near Jerusalem by the scanner

The Israeli army has established face scanners as part of a multi-billion dollar upgrade at the Qalandiya crossing, which now allows Palestinians to operate in the West Bank with relative ease.

But when advances in advanced technology facilitated Palestinian work to enter Israel, critics say they are a sign of Israel’s 52-year occupation of the West Bank and as a problem, face face recognition technology has criticized the army’s use.

Kallandia is one of the main crossings for thousands of Palestinians entering Israel every day for many reasons, including work, medical appointments or family visits.

Among the Palestinians, the highly fortified crossings are seen as a symbol of the Israeli occupation, long known for their humanitarian way, where workers wait for two hours to cross Jerusalem, which is controlled by Israel.

Palestinian workers from all over the West Bank, allowed to work in Israel, wake up at midnight to reach the crossings before morning.

The gates of the metal fence were often full of people before dawn, waiting to open the door. Human rights groups condemn the situation in Khalandia.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has pumped more than $ 85 million in recent years to improve the number of other important checkpoints between Chadalia, Israel and the West Bank – as part of the strategy, in the circumstances of Palestine it means improvements to maintain calm.

Thanks to the upgrade, even during morning rush hours, it takes about 10 minutes to cross Kalandia and feel the airport station. While the rest of Jerusalem remains dormant, hundreds of Palestinian workers come every morning to work in Israel with bicycles, buses and cars.

Jamal Aest, 60, from the northern West Bank city, works as a quarry in an industrial park in the easternmost part of Qalandiya in East Jerusalem.

He said the new system was very good, but another sign that there was no end to the Israeli occupation. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of the future state in the West Bank as its capital.

Kalalandia today resembles an international crossing. You think you’re entering a new country. “This is not a temporary thing, it seems to be the latter.”

In the West Bank, the COGAT gave over 83,000 permits to Palestinians in the West Bank to work in Israel in June.

Many Palestinians are looking for work in Israel, where there are more jobs and wages than the West Bank. On a given day, there are approximately 8,000 crossing points at the Kalandia crossing.

In exchange for this benefit, according to the Israeli Civil Administration, according to the Israeli Civil Administration, Palestinians must obtain biometric identification letters to work in Israel.

Security check – After passing through the scanner scanner and its accessories – Employees place magnetic ID cards on the scanner and face the camera.

The red light is emitted from the screen, while the face recognition program verifies the author’s identity and opens the rotary door.

According to the latest report by The Marker of Israel Business Daily, the Israeli army uses the technology provided by any Israeli company, namely identifying faces at checkpoints in the West Bank and cameras depicting Palestinian areas.

The report said cameras and databases were used to identify and track potential Palestinian attackers.

AnyVision did not respond to comment requests.

COGAT confirmed the use of face recognition at the crossings, but refused to discuss the details of the biometric database or to determine whether the data were used outside the crossing. Ministry of Defense, military and security apparatus Shin Beth also refused to comment.

Israel’s human rights organization B’Tselem said it was unacceptable that Palestinian workers had no ability to object to the use of face detection technology.

Group spokesman Roy Yellin described the company’s development of its products through “immoral” unethical issues.

For the success of Mahsiri, a 62-year-old town near Ramle, I gave statements to the IDF about its biological management, which was a fair trade for a stable job in Israel.

I have no problem this is my life. If I want to work here, follow the rules and I have no problem doing so. “This is the life of Palestinian workers in Israel.”

Mega SG for analog, Sega Genesis Mini option for reasonable game lovers

Mega SG for analog, Sega Genesis Mini option for reasonable game lovers

The official Sega Genesis mini game will be released in September and hopes to retrieve some of the old gaming promotions, which will turn the versions of Super Nintendo and NES Mini Classic into bestsellers.

But there is already a modern piece of hardware that can play Sega Genesis games on your HD TV – in addition to Mega Drive, Master System and Sega CD.

Analog Mega SG is the third in a series of reference quality, representative of the FPGA retro control console, a precision company in old school games.

It provides a unique and non-zero-play mode with full 1080p output to work with HD or even 4K TVs, which are not found in any other old school game consoles.

For $ 189.99 (almost double the price of the SEGA Origination Mini), you get the same controller, which includes a included mainframe cartridge adapter, an HDMI cable and a USB power-saving cable (plus one, however, a USB plug) on ​​your TV, You may be able to give it direct energy).

The package also includes a silicone pad that you should use with original Sega CD devices, which are plugged into the bottom of the SG device as you did with the original.

It consists of two ports that support the original Wired Origin console, or you can also choose the 8bitdo M30 wireless controller and adapter, which trades at $ 24.99.

Such as NT mini for NES, and doing Super NT for SNES, Mega Mega already saves when it comes to performance.

The games look amazing on my LG OLED 4K, and I can choose from many video output settings to adjust to my liking, adding memory to the old fake scalability and running it on an old CRT that looks like it looks. .

Similarly, the sound is excellent – the Dolphin Echo opening notes were introduced in a 48 kHz 16-bit stereo, which came out of my sonos sound system.

Similarly, the ridiculous funny sonic haircut came across the membrane, but certainly clearly anything that was actually played as a child from the old TV headphones.

Even if you do not have a set of original Sega cartridges ready to sit (though I bet you are interested in this set), Mega SG has what it offers: Board, but the digital version of the unrelated Sega Genesis game “Hardcore” Almost completed in 1994, but not released.

It has been renamed “Ultrakore” and has been renamed. Once you connect and launch it, you can run it from the main console menu.

Analog has planned to add more capabilities to the giant SG in the future, which includes cartridge adapters that allow it to run Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000.

These devices will be supported by a representative FPGA designed for all the massive SGS, so it will not be operated for the proper entertainment of the original gaming experience, essentially, without emulation.

If you are really in the classic game and are very interested in accuracy, this is definitely the best way to play sega games on modern TV – this is also super fun.

As Nt Mini did with NES, and compared to Tall Nt with SNES previously, Mega Sg is already saving performance.

The games look unbelievable on a 4KLGOLED TV, and I will mediate with a set of video output settings to adjust them to my liking, as well as to address the retrogressive scalability as well as to think more about that I would love to take your memory on one.

Mature CRT TV

Similarly, the sound is modern – these early notes were made to the 48-kHz sound of a 16-bit bit of the microSound system.

Similarly, the Razor Buzz skirt that talked about Sonic came in the form of memorization, but there is no doubt that there is nothing better than that which is already played as a child of mature TV speakers.

Even if you do not suspend the heap (although I am part of this system during the process) when you are ready to run the SEGA firmware for a long time, there is one thing to offer.

Mega SG: On the board, I was in the context of the amazing Sega Genesis game ” Hardcore “for digital reproduction, which was completed in 1994, but has become unpublished.

It was named “Ultrakore” and its name was changed, and it will urge it on the most inevitable menu in the console that opens it quickly and sets it on fire.

Analog plans to add more capabilities to the giant SG in the future, which contains cartridge adapters that allow it to request price III sports and sports the Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000.

It will also be supported by an analog FPGA designed for all massive SGS, so the game will not be simulated realistically to experience the new games completely now.

A violation of Capital One was inevitable, because we did nothing yet Equifax

A violation of Capital One was inevitable, because we did nothing yet Equifax

This time, he became the financial giant and credit card issuer Capital Wan, who unveiled a credit crunch on Monday, which affected 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadian citizens.

Affected consumers and small businesses are those who received one of the company’s credit cards until 2005.

Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, self-reported income and more credit card application data – including more than 140,000 social security numbers in the United States and over one million in Canada.

The FBI already has a suspect in custody. Paige Thompson, 33 Seattle residents and software developer, was arrested and detained pending case.

They were accused of violating the Web application’s firewall and stealing data, which was supposed to be preserved.

Do you know? It must be. Just last week, Equifax, a credit-rating giant, gave away $ 575 million for “debt breach” – hidden from the public for several months – two years ago.

Why should we be surprised? Equifax had to face zero results until another fine. All the talk, they are very excited, but take a few actions.

Richard Smith, CEO of Equifax, was “retired” before retiring, allowing him to maintain his proper pension. The deputies questioned the company but nothing happened.

The investigation initiated by the former head of the Office of Consumer Protection Finance, the government body, responsible for protecting consumers from fraud, refused to follow the company.

The FTC took its fine time to issue a penalty – which was about 20% of the company’s annual revenue for 2018.

One of the most serious violations against the US population since the violation of classified veterinary files in the Office of Personnel Management. 2015, close Equifax lightly

Legally, nothing has changed. Equifax is more in the form of a “victim” in the eyes of the law, as it was earlier – technically, but there are many millions of affected who are forced to freeze their credit as a result.

Mark Warner, the Democratic senator who worked with Elizabeth Warren, the presidential candidate with his Virginia colleague, was firm in the company and called for more protection of consumer data.

Together with his colleagues, he called credit agencies to face the penalty for the highest bronze and corporate accounting – and sent a message to others that they can not play quickly and lose again with our data.

But Congress did not cut it. Warner Techcrunch told at the time that “the failure of the company, as well as the legislators” takes no action.

Now, this has happened again. Without congressional intervention, Capitol is likely to face enormous difficulties, as with Equifax.

Blaming legislators for what you want. He had a role to play in this. But to make us fool twice, we shy away from credit companies for not taking appropriate action in the first place.

The Equifax fire must have been extinguished under the credit giants. The Canary breach in the coal mine was looking and we waited for what would happen after the Canary – but there was not much action for the American people.

No action was taken. The companies continued their mentality “it can happen with us, but probably not.” It always happened again so companies did not have anything to force them to work.

Companies keep our data deliberately and otherwise – not enough to protect them.

Unless we can enact laws to protect consumers from doing so again, these violations will continue for a long time because companies will continue to collect our data and will not take their data security responsibilities seriously.

We have had a chance to prevent such abuses from happening again, but within two years, we are barely fighting the basic concepts of Internet security. So we have to show that this is a simple punishment.

Thompson had to face a five-year prison term and a fine of up to $ 250,000.

Each person faces another major intrusion in his or her personal life. The copy is not in the hands of hackers, but the companies that collect our data – with our consent and often without it – and take a lot of freedom with it.